Menampilkan postingan dari 2010


it's christmas now and merry christmas to all of the people who celebrate it.

at 2 pm, i and my mom went to surabaya (febi went to warnet). first, we went to AJBS, she wanted to see furnitures. she planned to buy a kind of bookshelf to put my books. she saw a good one, but unfortunately it was red. that's too conspicuous to be put at my room, you know. it only available in a color.

then we went to Galaxy Mall. it was the first time we went there by car. last time we went there by taxi. that's cause we don't really know the exact location of GM. hehehe. so after one time asking GM location, we finally found it where.

we walked around. went into shops, but we didn't buy anything. hehe. we went to ShoeLine, and i saw the lovely blue Kickers Sneakers. aaaah, i wish i had money so i could grab it.

kita masuk ke Magnolia juga. menurut ibuku sih model2 baju yang di Magnolia lumayan oke. aku nemu jeans robek2 di sana. oke banget deh pokoknya. sayang di bagian samping kakinya (…

christmas eve

hmmm, it's christmas eve. but i didn't celebrate anything, for sure. ah, anyway, i've got my rapot at the morning. and it's pretty good, i guess. no scores that under kkm. and my indonesian, it was unexpected. i got 78. that's better, cause, you know, last semester i gotta pass remedials just to get 75. haaah.

at the afternoon, i and my mom went to cito. we bought snacks and febi's stuffs. she's gonna go camping on 28. i'm gonna be free!!! haha.

after that, well, we went around. i went to Lee Cooper and voila, there "he" is. a really nice shirt with The Beatles print on it. yellow submarine . . . oh, there was also The Beatles grey hoodie sweater. mmmm, yummy. but i didn't buy it. i didn't think it's really worth it. hehehe. i prefer to have the jeans, if you ask me.

i also went to look for valkyrie dvd. but i didn't get it.

and at about 7pm we went home.

trans tv lagi berbaik hati

mmm, trans tv kayaknya lagi berbaik hati nih ke gue. hehehe, soalnya belakangan ini film yang transtv puterin, lumayan oke2. dalam kurang lebih 1 minggu ini, gue udah nonton:

yeah, kayak yang udah gue ceritain tempo hari lah. pokoknya gue suka film ini. tapi sayangnya waktu gue cari dvdnya di giant deket rumah gue, kagak ada tuh. well, ada sih, tapi jadi 1 sama beberapa film lain. maksudku, dalam 1 dvd isinya valkyrie & film2 lain. ngerti, kan?? ogah gue beli yang kayak gitu. selain film lainnya belum jaminan bagus, gue juga ragu sama kualitas gambarnya.

vantage point
sebenernya gue udah nonton film ini pas di semarang. tapi awal2nya doang. keren nih film. sebenernya inti ceritanya sih pendek. tapi dibagi-bagi ke (seinget gue nih, ya) 8 sudut pandang berbeda. ceritanya tentang usaha penculikan presiden US. trus yang berhasil menyelamatkan si presiden itu salah seorang secret service (gue lupa yang meranin siapa. tapi terkenal kok). ternyata partner si agen secret service inil…


tadi aku marah2 ke Opang. penyebabnya?? wah, aku sendiri enggak yakin apa penyebabnya. jadi gini, aku sama ristin icret hanum mau ke giant. kalo misalkan opang ga mau ikut, kan aku bisa nebeng hanum. karena tadi pagi aku berangkat nebeng Opang, otomatis aku bawa helm dong. ya udah, aku sms opang buat tanya dia lagi dimana (siapa tau bisa gue samperin). lama, nggak dibales. aku sms lagi buat tanya dia mau ikut ke giant apa ga. lama, nggak dibales juga. aku coba telepon. lama, nggak diangkat. ya udah, aku putusin buat cari dia aja daripada kelamaan nunggu balesan & anak2 juga uda mau berangkat. aku liat di kelasnya, nggak ada. aku coba ke kantin, nggak ada juga. trus, aku coba ke lapangan basket.


eh, itu gara2 gue nggak pake kacamata sih, jadi nggak keliatan siapa2. hehehe. setelah gue perhatiin lagi, ternyata ada 2 orang lagi maen basket. cewek sama cowok. yang cewek kerudungan & jelas gue nggak tau siapa & nggak keliatan mukanya karena ga pake kacamata. yang cowok pa…


i watched Valkyrie last night. and i love it. i kinda felt regret that i didn't watch it at cinema. i thought that the movie would be bad, weird, and anticlimax. but i was wrong. to me, this movie is worth to watch. it's not cheesy. They say that the movie is based on true story. It happened on 20 June 1944.

the movie was about an overthrow of Hitler regime. Colonel Stauffenberg was actually a soldier. he lost his left hand, his right little finger and ring finger, and his left eye when he was at Tunisia. as he back to Berlin, he was recruited by Olbricht & friends to make the overthrow succeed.

He planned Operation Valkyrie for the overthrow (I didn’t understand what Valkyrie really was. But then I saw that it was actually a composition made by Wagner named Valkyrie). Operation Valkyrie was about to make the reserve army take over the country right after Hitler is dead. So, to set this operation, they had to kill Hitler first (Too bad, I’d already known the ending right aft…



Slicing Palm, My Ass ! ! !

after i arrived at home from Icrut's 17th B'day party, when i changed cloths, the electricity went down. ugh. then, instead of texting me, opang called me cause his cellphone couldn't be used to send any message. we talked and talked. he asked me if i wanna accompany him to go to grapari. of course i accepted his offer. i didnt wanna get heat by staying at a home without any fan is on. i couldnt stand the heat. so i asked permission to my mom to go with him. while waiting for opang to pick me up, i listened Wonderwall from OASIS. but then i fell asleep accidentally. fortunately i could easily wake up when opang called me to tell me that he was in front of my home.

because i felt the rain dropped on my skin (which is after that, i realized it as a false alarm), we went back to my home. well, actually i insisted him to went back to my home first before we continued to McD. that's because i wear my shirt inside out. you get what i mean?? kaos gue kebalik, okay? so idiot, i…

Icrut's Bithday Party 231010

last saturday I went to Icrut's 17th birthday party. actually, it was 201010, but she celebrate it on saturday 231010 at Caramel Pondok Jati. bintang went to my home after school, and ristin went to dea's. then dea and ristin came to my home at about 3pm. we'd go to the party together from my home.

opang didn't come to the party cause he had basketball rehearsal, so i oughtta drive my motorcycle with bintang hitchhiking me. i wasn't so confident driving the motorcycle cause i'm not such a good driver. i even can't park it right. maybe that's just because i ride motorcycle rarely, but still it's bugging me. fortunately dea would help me with this stupid problem.

then we met Icrut on location. she was beautiful wearing those midi-white-flowery-dress. then we took some picture with bintang, as usual, being the photogapher. then we sat and had chat as we waiting the other guests to come. anyway, icrut asked bintang to documented her birthday party. then a…

MNA's BirthDay

oh God, it's been so long since my last post, I guess. yeah, I'm such a lazy blogger. plus I got so many tasks-homeworks-tests to do lately. frankly, there was so many words I wanna tell, but since I dont do update from my phone, in order to save my money, my update become soooooo seldom. sorry for that.

a'ight, now i'd tell you about Muhammad Naufal Abdillah's 17th birthday on 191010. well, like I said, I gave him a shirt. a white shirt. I didnt know what color is his favorite, so I choose white because I love mostly white cloths. Actually I was gonna give him my love Walrus instead of the white shirt. My mommy bought it for me. But somehow, I wasn’t willing to do that. I love it sooo much. Its gembel look made me love it. Hahaha.

I wrote him "congratulation" things on a piece of paper. it's been my habit to write someone "congratulation" things to put in the presents. my mommy told me that. well, you can read my paper at Muhammad Naufal Abdi…

MNA's Mad Day

it was so horrible to see him mad like that. he throwed his helmet at canteen table in front of me. God it's scaring me out like hell.

he act like that just because I hid his shoes. i brought his shoes to canteen while he was in his class. when he asked me for the first time, i was gonna tell him where his shoes is, but then dea said I put it in front of IA3. sure as hell he couldn't find it. Then he went back to canteen and demanding me about his shoes. but Ristin told him, i put his shoes in front of IA7. then he went back again to canteen after ristin and dea went home. i told him where his shoes. and uh-oh, he was over his boiling point.

then it happened. he throwed is helmet. took his shoes. left me as he said "you go home by yourself, okay?".

when it happened, my mind torn apart. on one side i thought "geez, he's mad cause of me. what should I do now? I'm scared to apologize". and on the other side i thought "he's fucking mad at me, huh.…

colek colek

ya tuhan! aku nggak percaya! masa dia berani colek2 pantatku?? idiiih!!!

jadi waktu itu aku mau masuk ke kelas dan seingetku cuma opang yang ada dibelakangku dan hal itupun terjadi...

jeng jeng jeng jeng . . .

dia mencolekku!! haaaah, aku membatin sambil rada2 mangkel "kok opang berani banget sih ngelakuin hal ini?? ya ampuuun kurang ajar nian nih anak! minta digampar rupanya."

trus aku noleh ke belakang . . . dan jeng jeng . . .

di sanalah, tidak jauh dariku, berdiri seorang Icrut yang sedang cekikikan gara2 abis nyolek aku. gubrak!! aku kira yang nyolek aku tuh opang. untung aku belom marah2 ke opang. idiiih, orang sarap. tau2 aja gitu dia ada dibelakangku & nyolek aku. sialan.

Wednesday 061010

Wisnu is totally right! Few days ago I heard that he said this week will be a hard week. Yep yep,he's right.

Physics & PKn test for wednesday. Chemistry post test for thursday. Biology test for friday. IT test for saturday. Great. Can you imagine it?

The physics test was so damn hard. I studied,of course. But still,it didnt help much. Opang had this test before I did. He seemed very tired after having the test. And I knew that the test wouldn't be so easy like I thought before. I mean,if someone like opang felt hard to do it,what about me,you know?


Fortunately after having the test,delia treated us for lunch. And no english lesson for today.


eh iya, aku mau cerita soal kemaren selasa (28/09/2010). pertama kalinya aku nonton pertandingan basket. nggak penting ya kedengarannya?? iya sih, emang gak penting. tapi gapapa lah. daripada ga ada update.

jadi pagi2 baru sampe di sekolah & baru sampe tong sampah depan kelas aku dicegat ALI. awalnya dia cuma mau pinjem jas lab. tapi trus dia tanya "kamu nggak nonton opang ta nanti? main jam3 lho". hmm karena awalnya emang berasa kayak udah nggak ada harapan buat aku dateng, ya aku jawab aja nggak tau. alasanku sih karena nggak ada yg nemenin, nggak tau tempatnya, dan ga tau ke STIKOM mau naek apa. trus tau2 dia nawarin aku buat bareng dia. ya udah, aku oke-oke aja.

perjalanan sekitar 1 jam dari smanisda sampe stikom. matahari bersinar lumayan terik. untung aku sempat ganti atasan jadi kaos & jaket. cuih, ogah gue panas2an pake seragam lengen panjang gitu. kalo mau panas2an berseragam, cukup disekolah aje deh. dibonceng motor ali & begitu sampe turun dari motornya,…

tugas tik



dia marah lagi.

bego banget sih gue?? iya emang gue bego sih.

kenapa gue susah buat jaga perasaan dia? padahal kan gue harusnya tau kalo dia tuh sensitif.

payah lo, fit. jadi cewek kok nggak becus gitu sih?? malu2in aja. mestinya nih ya, kamu tuh nyenengin dia. bukannya bikin dia marah terus. ugh, dasar idiot.

tapi ngomong2, peristiwa gini nih ngingetin aku ke masa2 smp ku dulu. di mana, saat itu aku punya temen yang sama2 sensitif gini. bentar2 ngambek. mungkin aku & temenku yang lain jg sih yang bercanda-nya rada kelewatan. tapi tetep aja, masa dia gatau kalo aku cuma becanda? hehehehehe. sering banget ngambek sampe akhirnya aku males buat minta maaf. capek sih.

mudah2an nantinya aku gak malah males buat minta maaf sama opang. aku bakal nyoba buat ngertiin dia. tapi kalo nggak berhasil juga buat ngertiin dia . . . . yaaaaa namanya juga aku masih belajar.


bingung nih. opang mau ulang taun. aku bingung mau ngasih apa. yeah, masih sekitar 3minggu lagi sih. tapi waktu berjalan begitu cepat hingga kaupun takkan menyadarinya (ceileh, bahasa gue rada sok). seringnya sih nggak sadar waktu berlalu gara2 tugas sekolah yg super duper banyak. ugh, sampe nggak bisa napas deh saking banyaknya. hehehe, lebay ya??

aku nggak ngerti yang dia suka. masa aku nggak ngasih apa2?? yang bener aja. dia udah ngasih banyak hal ke gue, masa gue nggak mencoba buat bales.

trus dia ngusulin supaya aku ngasih Lea. idih ogah!! gue sendiri belom tentu dapet pang.

kaos, boleh juga sih. tapi aku nggak tau size-nya dia. pas aku tanya, biasanya dia pake M ato L. haduuh, kapan2 ajak bintang keluar deh. siapa tau dia bisa kasih saran. kan biasanya pilihan bintang oke-oke tuh. mudah2an dalam 3minggu ini aku sempet jalan ke mall. haaaaah

MTV VMA 2010

ini kenapa lagi sih flash disk gak kedeteksi di komputer warnet. kan jadi gak bisa nyimpen download-an. aaaaaaaaaargh. untung bawa kabel data.

hmmm, kemarin abis liat MTV VMA 2010 nih di Global tv. yaaah walopun dipotong2 seenak udelnya, tapi gapapa lah, daripada ga ada tontonan sama sekali. disyukuri saja.

linkin park nyanyiin the catalyst di VMA tadi malem. ya ampuuun om Mike Shinoda lhooo keliatan tuaaa kalo rambutnya gituu. kurang fresh kalo menurutku. gantengan yang dulu-dulu. trus the catalyst kok gitu ya?? kurang nge-rock deh perasaan. iya emang linkin park lagunya gak itu2 aja modelnya. tapi yaa menurutku kurang sip lah dibandingkan sama lagu2 di meteora. hehehehe.

trus om Jared Leto rambutnya jadi pirang gitu. rada keliatan kurus deh. tapi apa emang udah kurus dari sananya ya?? banyak makan dong Om! kan udah punya banyak duit tuh. jangan dipake buat beli baju aja Om!

well jam 12an acaranya abis. niatnya sih mau gak langsung tidur. tapi apa boleh buat, jam 1an akhirnya a…

hem oranje

eh iya, pas ke 17annya Mazaya, jumat 240910, aku pake hem oranje-ku yang dulu aku beli sama bintang-dea di indie clothing expo 2009, trus singlet biru, sama jeans biru standard (kapan ya itu berubah jadi jeans Lea?? hehehehe.

delia komentar kalo akyu keliatan seksi pake outfit gitu. masak sih??? perasaan biasa deeeh. kata ristin malah aku keliatan kurus. haduuuh, kalo ini sih nggak perlu diomongin, aku juga udah tau kalo aku tuh kurus.

eh iya, aslinya hem ini kan rada panjang. bintang-dea inget gak ya aslinya hem oranje ini gimana?? trus senin minggu lalu, karena udah gak tahan ngeliat panjangnya, akhirnya aku potong hem ini tanpa sepengetahuan ibuku.

kres kres kres kres...

kepotong deh. trus dengan kemampuan menjahit yang djauh dari tjukup, aku jahit hemnya di kamar. hehehehem hasil jahitannya yaaa gitu... nggak jelas. tapi nggak papa deh, yg penting bajunya bisa dipake.

today 250910

pagi-pagi nih ja anak pada ngerjain BKS sejarah. tjontek menjontek & salin menjalin terjadi di sini. troes akoe ngerjain bks sendiri. males njontek, rame sih. paling ja gak dapet tempat doedoek boeat njontek. lagian akoe koerang pilihan ganda sama beberapa esaj doang. soalnja sebagian oedah akoe kerjain dari djam1 pagi tadi. niatnja sih maoe sekalian nggak tidoer aja, tapi troes jam4an, ternjata akoe ketidoeran. Jaaa soetra.
Pas kapan bintang tjerita kalo di globaltv jam3 ato 4an ada serial boele tapi dia nggak taoe joedoelnja. Pas akoe liat, emang ada serial joedoelnja Hello, My Name Is Reaper. Tapi gak taoe deh, akoe nggak mood neroesin nonton. teroes akoe njetel TJD Mp3-koe sampe akhirnja ketidoeran. Lagoe2nja oedah 75 lhooooo. Hahahaha gak penting se.
Oja, balik lagi ke sekolah, begitoe dateng, wisnoe langsoeng ke mejakoe boeat liat apa jang akoe kerjain. Katanja sih dia belom ngerjain BKS blas blas blas. Troes dia njontek BKSkoe bareng azzam. Ah, kalo gini kan akoe jadi nggak j…

today 230910

jeah jeah jeah.. sekolah moelai balik kajak doeloe lagi. penoeh toegas & tetek bengeknja. pagi hari ini, tadi kita warga XI-IA-2 pada ngerdjain laporan pertjobaan fisika jang kemarin itoe. 2 laporan sekaligoes. padahal akoe oedah niat maoe tidoer doeloe bentar sebeloem bel gara2 malemnja akoe baroe tidoer jam 2 pagi. kasian ristin, kemarin dia oedah noelis laporannja di sekolah bareng kelompoknja sampe jam 4 sore. tapi pagi tadi dia malah nggak bawa laporannja. tjktjktjk. oentoeng noelisnja tjepet, jadi dia bisa njalin poenja temen. karena oedah kebiasan njontek katanja. wah wah wah. oentoengnja joega jam pelajaran Bhs Indonesia kosong karena Mr. Sam lagi sakit. Kata Mrs Pras sih Mr. Sam sampe di opname segala gara2 diabetesnja ini. jaaa, tjepet semboeh deh ja, Pak!

akoe koerang dikit sih laporannja. njalin2 poenja temen dikit lah. troes wisnoe pinjem hp ridho (nokia x3 ja kalo nggak salah?), dan dia njalain radionja. nggak perloe pake headset roepanja. asik toeh. kebanjakan hp kan…

coldplay - yellow

biasanya aku gampang banget bosen sama lagu. tapi kalo lagu ini, ga tau kenapa ga bosen2. aransemen musiknya aku suka.

today, 22102010

today is kinda different to me.

aku nggak ngantuk blas disekolah padahal baru tidur jam setengah 2 malem. dan padahal kemarin siang cuma bisa tidur 1 jam. keitung insomnia nggak sih?? abisnya beberapa hari ini, sejak rabu minggu lalu, nggak tidur siang tapi bisa begadang. keajaiban banget. setelah sekian lama nggak begadang, bisa juga begadang.

akhirnya tadi aku jadi orang yang terakhir kali maju buat presentasi PKN. muallleeeeeees banget sumpah. anehnya pas didepan kelas aku nggak ngerasa deg-degan. biasanya iya. begitu aku berdiri, azzam langsung ngomong Kepiting Rebus keras2. anak2 cowok laen juga ikutan deh. dasar.

trus mulok, aku udah selesai nge-print tugasnya. tinggal maju. mungkin minggu depan. lek mun, lek mun..

trus abis istirahat di IS2, aku pelajaran fisika. ada percobaan menentukan percepatan gravitasi & konstanta pegas. aku sekelompok sama icret-wisnu-lintang-litha. pas wisnu mau ngukur sudut simpangan talinya, dia ngukur sudut dari sisi yang salah dari busur. ckckck.. y…

mood gak jelas

ah disnatalis kemarin aku liat tangan opang yang luka. waktu aku tanya, katanya sih gara2 mukul. trus aku tanya lagi, dia mukul apa. dan dalam hati aku udah berharap kalo luka itu gara2 mukul orang. hahahaha. tapi ternyata gara2 mukul sandal.

yaaaaah kecewa gue. hehehehe. abis gimana yaa, aku ngerasa belakangan ini idup kok datar banget. aku pengen liat orang berantem, tapi bukannya aku pengen jadi objek pukulannya lho. hehehe. aku pengen idup ini ada amsalah dikit. tapi masalahnya jangan berhubungan dg sekolah-keluarga-ato semacamnya, kurang seru. aku pengen yang ada tawurannya ato tonjok2an deh paling enggak.

yaaaah ni anak abis lebaran bukanya ati tambah bersih, malah pengen liat orang berantem. hehehe. gak tau deh kenapa.

eh eniwei, aku baru tau lho kalo mukul sandal bisa bikin tangan sampe luka. kok bisa ya?? bukan berarti aku mau nyoba sih..

resepsi anak boss ibuku

berbulan-bulan lalu, tepatnya Sabtu, 9/07/2010, aku diajak ibuku datang ke undangan bosnya (pemilik optik tempat ibuku bekerja). anak si bos mau nikah nih. dia kristen & keturunan china & resepsi diadakan di salah satu restoran cina (atau gedung ya?) di daerah pakuwon sana. nama restorannya Imperial Ballroom II, ada yg pernah ke sana?

oh well, emang dasarnya bukan penguasa daerah pakuwon, aku & ibuku mesti nyasar-kebablasan-salah belok-tanya pak pemulung-dan-tanya polisi. berliku-liku banget deh jalannya (bukan secara harfiah lho).

tapi untung akhirnya ketemu juga yang namanya Imperial Ballroom II. cih. tapi kita telat sih. hehehe. acara mulai jam 7 & kita baru dateng jam 7.30. parkiran udah lumayan penuh. dan begitu kita memasuki Imperial Balroom II, widiiih gak ada yang aku liat keturunan jawa. chinese semuaaaa! cantik-cantik pula! dandanannya wah-wah pula! ugh aku ngerasa udah masuk ke tempat yang sangat salah.

trus kita duduk di meja yang sudah disediakan. nama mejany…

Delta 140910

huaah, tadi malem aku mimpi kalo jeans Lea yang putih bercak abu2 (apa istilahnya? aku lupa. pokoknya itu lah) yang harganya 400ribuan, didiskon jadi 200ribu. celana itu dimasukin ke box diskonan kayak di matahari bareng celana jeans Lea lainnya. cuih, kebayang gak gimana kalapnya aku pas liat banderol harga jeans itu jadi tinggal segitu?? langsung aku sikat tuh jeans. abis kapan lagi Lea cuma 200ribuan?? ugh sayang cuma mimpi.

selasa kemarin (14/09/2010) rencananya aku sama opang mau nonton Sang Pencerah di Royal. yap Sang Pencerah. kebayang gak orang macam gue nonton film gituan?? bukannya apa2, tapi kan fim2 semacam itu tuh nggak gue banget. tau kan? hehehe. tapi karena matahari bersinar sangat terik, batal deh rencana itu. opang sebenernya ngusulin buat nonton Eclipse di laptopnya, cuman karena sepulang kerja ibuku ngajak ke Delta Plaza, ya sutra, acara nonton menonton harus ditunda dulu.

begitu masuk ke Delta Plaza, seperti biasa, kita disambut dengan aroma roti Bread Talk yang wan…


minal aidzin wal faidzin
mohon maaf lahir dan batin
selamat Idul Fitri 1431 Hijriah

yap yap yap tanggal 10 September kemarin, semua umat Islam dunia merayakan yang namanya idul fitri. akhirnya setelah puasa 1 bulan penuh (well, kalo gue gak full 1 bulan sih. karena alasan biologis bolong 8 hari, ditambah bolong 1 hari lagi gara2 nangisin opang. cuih!) dan bayar zakat fitrah, kita ngerasain juga yang namanya hari kemenangan.

sama seperti umat muslim lainnya, aku sekeluarga juga melaksanakan sholat Id. kalo sebelumnya kita sholat di masjid dekat rumah aja, kali ini kita sholat Id di alun2 sidoarjo. ibuku yang ngajak sholat di sana. pengen ganti suasana katanya. dan jamaah sholat Id-nya banyak banget ternyata. karena kita lupa bawa koran, akhirnya kita beli 2 buah alas yang dijual sama pedagang disana seharga @Rp 1.000,00. gak cuma jualan alas buat sholat, tapi banyak juga orang2 yang jualan makanan (kayak nasi uduk, hmmmm..) dan jualan mainan anak2 berupa balon2 beraneka macam bentuk. laris…

abis buka bareng di sekolah

abis nganter aku pulang dari acara buka bareng di sekolah (4/09/2010), sebenernya opang mau langsung ke rumah temennya yg di BCF, Citra Padova. mau main mercon, katanya. tapi nyatanya dia malah gak berangkat2 dan ngobrol sama aku di depan rumahku. dan kayaknya waktu itu aku lupa nawarin dia masuk ke rumah deh hehehe.

apa ya yg kita obrolin? kebanyakan gak penting kok.

kita ngobrolin kepo sebentar.katanya dia lebih suka liat aku gak pake kerudung. (don't worry, man. i do too.)dia puji aku karena menurutnya bhs inggris-ku di blog bagus. (tapi sumpah, baca eclipse versi inggris aja aku keteteran. susah. banyak istilah yg aku gak ngerti, sedangkan kalo cari artinya di kamus, kadang malah gak nyambung. untung aku punya versi indonesia-nya, jadi gak perlu susah2 cari artinya deh.)katanya dia sering ngasih makan ayam bekisar milik papanya kalo siang2, waktu papanya belum pulang kerja.katanya di rumahnya ada banyak peliharaan. ada ikan, 6 burung, dan ayam bekisar. (aku penasaran kayak apa s…

makan di McD

Kamis 2 minggu lalu (2/09/10) aku sama opang keluar abis buka. gak kemana-mana sih, cuma ke McD Taman Pinang. katanya sih dia lagi pengen keluar rumah aja. berhubung gue dibolehin keluar sama ibuk, ya sutra, gue ikut deh.

jam 7an dia sampe di depan rumah gue. eh, tumben2an nih anak pake kaos longgar. biasanya kan dia pake kaos yang rada ngapret tuh. kaosnya joger putih standar. percaya ato enggak, sebenernya tadinya gue juga mempertimbangkan buat pake kaos joger putih punyaku lho. tapi akhirnya aku pake kaos ijo-ku. apakah ini adalah sebuah chemistry di antara kita?? (yeeeeek, idiiih, aneh banget kedengarannya. sumpah. hahaha)

trus setelah sampe di McD, kita langsung pesen. (yaiyalah, masa langsung pulang). karena beberapa hari itu lagi males makan, aku akhirnya cuma pesen McFloat. ini beneran lagi males makan lho! bukannya lagi sok hemat! trus opang cuma pesen french fries & McFlurry. kok McFlurry-nya tambah kecil ya? tambah mahal pula. dulu isinya lebih banyak tapi harganya cuma R…

salah paham

oh well, itu cuma salah paham. aku nangis nggak jelas kemarin cuma karena ngerasa bersalah. tapi ya aneh juga sih, karena hanya dengan ngerasa bersalah ke Opang aja sampe nangis2 nggak berhenti2 gitu. lebay banget nggak sih?? hahahaha. huh, dasar orang aneh.

trus setelah opang ke rumahku waktu itu, malemnya dia chatting sama bintang. awalnya dia cuma minta bintang baca blogku & blognya Opang, trus minta bintang kasih pendapat. eh, bintang malah tanya sambil meso2 ke opang (aku lupa tepatnya gimana). trus Opang telpon aku buat nanya apa yang intang sms ke aku. smsnya belom masuk waktu dia telpon aku. trus opang ceritain chattingnya sama bintang, ceritain gimana bintang meso2 ke dia. hahahaha, gak tau kenapa tapi kayaknya aku langsung ngerasa plong abis ketawa2 gara2 cerita opang. udah nggak ngerasa pengen nangis lagi gitu.

trus akhirnya sms bintang masuk juga, dan aku minta opang buat matiin telponnya dulu krn aku mau bales sms bintang.

trus opang telpon lagi buat nanya apa yang aku b…

Cry oh cry


I cried. After reading his blog entry last night.

I dont know why, but I couldn't stop my tears from falling down. I felt guilty, of course. That's out of the question. But maybe there's something wrong with me last night, till I cried after reading that. Maybe there's a leak in my eyes so I couldn't stop crying.

The problem is not only last night I cried. I continued crying after I woke up this 9am. I cried silently so nobody will see me crying. Then I continued crying till before I watched prison break this 11.30am. Then I stopped crying cause my mind were distracted by prison break.

I forgot to cry till he texted me at about 12 o'clock. I paused my prison break & read his message & started crying again. God what's wrong with me?!

Then he came to my home & we talked a bit & my tears suddenly fell down again in front of him. Ugh. I hate when anyone else see me crying. I feel weak. I hate feeling weak. Then we talked again. He tried to dist…

few words i can say about him: (part 2)

kalo sarapan pagi masih disuapin sama mamanya. (for God's sake)
cerewet, nggak tega, terlalu perhatian, gak bolehin aku ini-itu, etc. (apa deh ya, emak gue aja gak seribet itu, hahahahaha)nggak tau pringles & satru. (okay, mungkin dia emang nggak pernah ke supermarket. not a big deal.)gampang bosen.main game terus kerjanya.mau pake kaos pinky-nya di hadapanku. (silakan. gue katain banci tau rasa lo. hehehehe)kalo sms sering pake elo-gue. (buatku nggak masalah sih. tapi buat beberapa orang mungkin jadi masalah.)nggak terlalu suka kalo masnya ada di rumah. (tapi toh kalo mama-papanya lagi pergi, yang masak2 gitu ya masnya. coba kalo gak ada masnya, mau makan apa dia? rumput? wong ngerebus mie aja kelamaan sampe putih2 gitu kok. hahahaha)


akhirnya aku sbg siswa smanisda bisa libur dg tenang juga. eh, nggak juga se, masih ada tugas mulok dari reno yg belom aku print. huh. gak jadi seneng deh. hahahaha.

jadi kerjaanku sehari2 tuh ya abis bangun tidur jam 9 pagi langsung pindah ke depan tv & nonton The Penguins of Madagascar. ya ampun entah kenapa aku gak bosen biarpun udah sering diulang. hehhehe. karena logat King Julien. aneh banget! tapi menurutku justru itu yang bikin lucu.

trus dari 4 penguin itu, aku paling suka sama Rico. dia gak banyak ngomong sih tapi suka aja ngeliatnya.

hmmm, ya udah deh, segitu dulu postingan super duper gak pentingku kali ini. hehehe


I dreamt about someone few days ago. But sorry to say, I wasn't dreaming about opang. (Sorry man)

The one I was dreaming about is a 16 y.o boy. Last time I know, he was 171cm height. . . .

Whoa whoa wait, of course I'm not gonna tell you his name. It wont be a secret anymore. Haha. I will only tell you his alias. It's BP. But definietly not Bambang Pamungkas.

In my dream, he was my classmate. I saw him rising hand to the teacher. Things that crossed my mind were "what's he doing here? Isn't he supposed to be at ***? So we're classmate now,huh? Hurray!!".

Haha. Of course I'd be so glad if this come true. But apparently, it wont ever be a reality, looking at the fact we're separated miles away now.

I dont know why I dreamt about him, though.

We were classmate for 3years at junior high school. He was so kind to almost everyone ( I hope he is still). He had very good humour taste. He hide sixpacks behind his shirt :-P. And of course, he is pretty cool. …

such a beautiful saturday

i don't know why i'm saying it. but yeah, i just wanna say it. it's probably because last Saturday (28/08/2010) x5 held a bukber at irfan's home. he has 2 cats!! and they're pretty big. grey and white. oh i love his grey cat!

actually some of ex-x5 were absent at that time. many of them had other business at school. hah, it's too bad. oh yeah, bintang didn't come either. perhaps that's because kepo clicked "maybe attending" at fb. hahaha, so idiot.

for the food dea prepared the foods from her home and brought them to irfan's. icret brought gorengan. there were hot tea and sour-sop ice. hmmm, it was sooooo sweet and fresh. and i like it.

of course a moment after adzan maghrib we did shalat maghrib. and after adzan isya', beside shalat isya', we also did teraweh.

anyway, i was in love with incho's shoes. it was puma. he said he bought it at TP. ah i'm gonna look for something like that. hahaha. oh well, actually not only me who…


One time, when we're on ponram, dea asked me "why weren't you so exist when we're on junior high school?"

As we all know, I and dea were in the same junior high school, that is SMPN 3 SIDOARJO. But we didn't know each other at that time.

"you're beautiful enough to be exist. Cause if you're beautiful, you could get the popularity easily", she continued.

Ah, maybe this is the first time I really realized this. Not that I realized I'm beautiful. This one I had figured out long time ago. Hahaha. This time I figured out how chooser my junior high school friends were. I'm sick of that. They, specially the boys, only love making friends with the beautiful girl, the rich girl, and bla bla bla.

It was so easy if you're a beautiful girl and you study at my junior high school at that time. You can get the popularity so fast and easy. You can keep my word, really.

Oh well, it didn't mean that I was jealous or something, I didn't even car…



he texted me that few times, but i didn't understand the meaning. but it doesnt mean that i'm stupid, of course. i just didnt get it. cause ILYSM seems not taken from English. and he himself didnt wanna tell me the meaning.

but then he, in front of me, asked to icret about its meaning. and she said "ILYSM? i love you so much?".

mmm, so that's the meaning huh?

few words i can say about him:

real name: M. Naufal Abdillah.big.warm.
kepiting rebus.sombong (kadang2, hehehe).have a pink shirt (kemungkinan besar shocking pink, OH FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!).dulu sering diajak mamanya facial.good at physics&friends.apparently he is more feminine than me. XDngakunya sih pas smp dia gak sebesar ini. hehehe.loves OREO Strawberry flavour.kurang tau lagu2 bagus (taunya rumus2 fisika).kurang tau film2 oke (bahkan Bourne Ultimatum aja kagak tau dia)

Nama nama nama

Kemaren abis sahur iseng2 nih ngomongin masalah nama orang bali. Sebelumnya kita ngomongin si *tiit* yg jelek2in orang bali krn tingkahnya. Trus malah diterusin ke nama2 orang bali deh.

Jadi ya kan biasanya nama mereka tuh panjang2. Nama ibuku (yg notabene orang bali asli) contohnya "Anak Agung Sagung Inten Ardiyanti". Kata ibuk,nama ibuku tuh sebenernya cuma Ardiyanti,lha nama di depan2nya tuh gelar ibuku. Trus nama omku yg jadi arsitek rumahku tuh jg "Anak Agung Ngurah Pradnya Kusuma blablabla". Panjang toh?

Tapi biar panjang gitu panggilan mereka pendek2 kok. Ibuku dulu dipanggil GungMas sm sesama bangsawan. Tapi dia dipanggil TuMas sm pembantu2 dulu (Tu dr kata ratu). Kalo omku dipanggil WahJung.

Kata ibuku,itu gelar2 buat kalangan bangsawan atau kasta ksatria. Asik nih berarti akyuu masih ada darah2 bangsawan gitchuu. Hahahaha.

Tapi kata ibuku,aku malah turun derajat. Bukan bangsawan lagi. Karena aku bukan orang bali asli. Ah,emoh. Aku bangsawan kok diturun2in pan…

ses fira tumbang!! aaaaa tidaaaak!!

ya tuhan!! kupikir gak ada yang bakal pingsan ato apa ya abis upacara 17agustus kemarin. tapi ternyata fira, pingsan juga. aku gak tau kejadian pastinya karena waktu itu aku baris di barisan IS2. katannya sih sempat dibawa ke UKS, tp gak tau gimana setelah upacara aku malah liat dia di depan kelasnya, pingsan ("di depan", bukan "di dlm" karena semua kelas saat itu dikunci).

kata anak, dia juga sempet kejang2 gitu. trus mulutnnya keluar busa. cih mampus dah nih anak. kenapa lagi sih??

idiotnya anak2 ex X5 pada gak ada yg bantu gotong fira ke depan (krn udah dijemput mamanya), kecuali Satwika. emang baek bener dah ni cowok satu. tp yang lainnya, noleh aja kagak!! sadis amat.

kalo menurutku, kalo sampe kejang gitu sih bukan capek biasa ya. mungkin lebih dari itu. tapi menurut ibuku itu malah cuma reaksi konversi. jadi itu tuh reaksi yang dilebih2kan. yg sebenernya gak separah itu, dia bikin jadi keliatan parah. dan dia ngelakuin itu secara setengah sadar. hmmm, masak si…

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