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new year 2012

okay okay. after a very long long time no post, first of all, i'm gonna say happy new year to everybody all over the world. wish this new year gonna give us new spirit to live the life, to fight whatever we wanna fight for, and to get whatever we want and deserve to get. well, the sentence's great right? hehe, originally by me.

and now i'm bringingone of the worst news since i'm being a student for about more than 11 years. guess what it is, i'm on the 16th rank. how crazy is that! oh, that's still not the worst one, i guess. the worstt is i got only 76 for my math final score! yikes! and that 76 is actually a gift from my teacher. so yeah actually my actual final math score is below 76. gosh, that's killing me! i mean, oh my god, the integral! i'm speechless. i cannot say anything. i'm so sick of thinking something to say.