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(Hope) it's never too late to explore Bali!

So now i'm still in Bali. I actually don't know when to go home cause i'm still enjoying being here.. Thanks to this unexpected vacation. Hehehe.. Plus i visited places almost all by myself. I know you might think it's weird, but glad i finally did it. Idk, challenging myself, or probably i just being stupid.

Last time i was here was about 2 months ago, during last days of Ramadhan and we even pray Ied here. Of course i was with my mom and my sister coming here. I always came here with them before. It's fun having family time but somehow i always felt it's just not enough. Some places are just not suitable for elder people to visit, you know. So yeah, this time i did it myself.. Yeay!
On my first days here, i did explore Bali, but i was focusing to the shopping mall. Hahahah.. So i'm not gonna tell you that. it's pretty much the same every where.
1. Batu Bolong Beach (Canggu, North Kuta; September 14th) i was here with Bert, not alone. i was hoping i ca…