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(Hope) it's never too late to explore Bali!

So now i'm still in Bali. I actually don't know when to go home cause i'm still enjoying being here.. Thanks to this unexpected vacation. Hehehe.. Plus i visited places almost all by myself. I know you might think it's weird, but glad i finally did it. Idk, challenging myself, or probably i just being stupid.

Last time i was here was about 2 months ago, during last days of Ramadhan and we even pray Ied here. Of course i was with my mom and my sister coming here. I always came here with them before. It's fun having family time but somehow i always felt it's just not enough. Some places are just not suitable for elder people to visit, you know. So yeah, this time i did it myself.. Yeay!
On my first days here, i did explore Bali, but i was focusing to the shopping mall. Hahahah.. So i'm not gonna tell you that. it's pretty much the same every where.
1. Batu Bolong Beach (Canggu, North Kuta; September 14th) i was here with Bert, not alone. i was hoping i ca…

Another reason to be grateful

What i love from traveling, i think it's because i can meet new people, talking about new things, although i usually avoid meeting people i know at public places. I know that's very weird of me.

So this time i met Bert, he's from Belgium. We met at the train on my way back home from Purwokerto. He was with his friends on his way Probolinggo. He was about to visit Mt. Bromo. He also planned to visit Mt. Ijen, and Bali. Well we talked a lot, no, correction: he talked a lot, i mostly just listened and laughed to what he said. funny guy.

we kept on contact after that. Long story short, i met him again in Bali. On a beach at Canggu. I thought it was cool to meet him once again. And oh, he walked so fast. Idk why. And just like the last time we met, i listened and laughed to what he said.

Talking to him kinda made feel sad. I was sad cause i know so little about my home country. Felt like i got nothing to explain to him. That's what i'm afraid of. Feels like i haven'…