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Fujifilm Quick Snap Waterproof Disposable Camera 35mm ISO 800

i'm a noob on camera world. you have to remember that always. but i wanted to try a simple camera, where i can just snap things and then go. so about half year ago i bought this Fujifilm Waterproof Disposable Camera from shopee. why the waterproof version? that's mainly because i would have an upcoming trip to Labuan Bajo on December 2018, and the plan was including the sea.
this one is a photo of airport floor. i know you must think why would i waste a film on this stupid floor. well, that's because the airport officer ask me to try it first, because i asked for his permission to let this camera go without x-ray scanner. i've done some research that saying x-ray scanner would affect the film, specially for the film with ISO above 800 (cmiiw). for a first timer, i didn't realise that the camera had already taken the pic, since the clicking sound was sooooo soft to hear. so i snap and snap without realising i already waste 2 photos of this stupid floor. fvck.
on my…


i know blogging isn't really a thing right now, and i hadn't been doing it for awhile, and that makes me stupid. like stupid stupid, since writing makes me think better, i guess. exploring what i see, exploring what currently affecting my writing style, and the most important, exploring what i feel.

look at me now. scrolling and scrolling my instagram eeeeverrydayyyy.. hhhhhh..

i'd say my medschool routine take part on this. specially on my last years, on my clerkship years. it's the routine that made me had to choose which one to be put on the first places. almost everyday, i had to be at the hospital, since dawn till the sun set. plus the night shifts that i had to do at the hospital. that was quite exhausting at that time.

and after i finished my school, it sort of become a new habit for me, for not blogging anymore, i mean look how many posts i did recently. it's like i wanna cryyy.. wkwkwk.

for this one, i don't know if this is going to last long or not. i…

my playlist

sejujurnya ini cuma sebuah postingan random. bukan untuk secara langsung mempromosikan lagu-lagu tertentu, karena aku yakin aku bukan yang paling update tentang musik, melainkan hanya sebagai pengingat. sebagai pengingat beberapa lagu akan memberikan kesan tertentu setiap aku mendengarnya, yang sedikit banyak mungkin akan memutarkan kembali ingatan-ingatan tertentu di otak.

entah apakah "soundtrack" tepat untuk menggambarkan lagu-lagu ini. atau mungkin lebih tepat kalau aku gunakan kata "playlist"? well, apapun itu, yang penting kalian tau maksud aku ya.

daftarnya nggak banyak juga, berhubung tangan kanan masih suka ngilu abis ambil darah buat medical check up (hvft), jadi mari langsung saja. ohya, i'll put the youtube link so you can jump right in to listen the song (in case if u want to).
Kirana by Dewa 19. agak ga nyangka sih bisa ada lagu dari band Indonesia yang bisa masuk di list ini. hahaha. tapi Dewa 19 emang bagus. serius. hampir tiap pagi dengerin lagu…