i know blogging isn't really a thing right now, and i hadn't been doing it for awhile, and that makes me stupid. like stupid stupid, since writing makes me think better, i guess. exploring what i see, exploring what currently affecting my writing style, and the most important, exploring what i feel.

look at me now. scrolling and scrolling my instagram eeeeverrydayyyy.. hhhhhh..

i'd say my medschool routine take part on this. specially on my last years, on my clerkship years. it's the routine that made me had to choose which one to be put on the first places. almost everyday, i had to be at the hospital, since dawn till the sun set. plus the night shifts that i had to do at the hospital. that was quite exhausting at that time.

and after i finished my school, it sort of become a new habit for me, for not blogging anymore, i mean look how many posts i did recently. it's like i wanna cryyy.. wkwkwk.

for this one, i don't know if this is going to last long or not. i've been thinking to write something, i don't know, i just wanna write, so, yeah..