sweet surprise

Just a day before SNMPTN I got this little sweet surprise. My grandma called. Directly to my phone. Which was she never did before, cause she usually call to my mom's phone.

I was on my sleep when it happened. Then my phone rang. I picked it up. And there she was, a very familiar old lady's voice, my grandma's. It's really nice to hear her voice. It turned me on. Didn't need a second to recognize it was hers.

So she asked about me, my school thing and Febi's. Then I told her tommorrow's the BIG day for SNMPTN. And I told her I made into a private university at Surabaya. She said that would cost a lot. I told her about our plan ("our" because me and my parents are behind this plan. Well, but then I consider it's more because of my mom.) about taking a test at Unsoed. One that we usually call as tes mandiri. I thought she wouldn't really understand that, but I didn't explain anything either. IDK why.