christmas eve

hmmm, it's christmas eve. but i didn't celebrate anything, for sure. ah, anyway, i've got my rapot at the morning. and it's pretty good, i guess. no scores that under kkm. and my indonesian, it was unexpected. i got 78. that's better, cause, you know, last semester i gotta pass remedials just to get 75. haaah.

at the afternoon, i and my mom went to cito. we bought snacks and febi's stuffs. she's gonna go camping on 28. i'm gonna be free!!! haha.

after that, well, we went around. i went to Lee Cooper and voila, there "he" is. a really nice shirt with The Beatles print on it. yellow submarine . . . oh, there was also The Beatles grey hoodie sweater. mmmm, yummy. but i didn't buy it. i didn't think it's really worth it. hehehe. i prefer to have the jeans, if you ask me.

i also went to look for valkyrie dvd. but i didn't get it.

and at about 7pm we went home.