chemistry teacher

i don't like my chemistry teacher at my LBB today. well today she's so f***ing sensitive when she taught my class. i should've believe what Ihzam (or whatever was his name) had said about the teacher days ago. and now, i believe him.

i don't know what's going on with her, but today, i think her word was as sharp as knife. gosh!!! doesn't mean that the days before her words weren't like that too, but yeah, i don't know, i just kow that today it's getting worst. damn. i'm gonna be just fine if she's not "touching" me. but she "did" it.

well, she was about to check the presence list. she missed my name. cause of i was busy writing and i was so reluctant to stood up, i thought it'd be better if i correct it right before the class over, before the teacher left. otherwise, she was busy talking to the other student or bowing to her book, so i couldn't get her attention as soon as possible. well, i could, but the thing was i didn't try harder. damn.

time ran and few students came so late till it left 15minute for the first lesson. and finally my chance came. i rose my hand. i told her "bu saya belum di absen". then she was talking indistinctly. she was mumbling. but i can tell you that it didn't sound good. i read her lips of course. then she said "better than not at all" in sarcasm. i thought she was joking, so i was cool.

then at the second lesson, mathematic, when the teacher was about to check the presence list, she called my name and then asking "lho ini maksudnya apa kok "TIDAK DIABSEN"?". i was like huh, what was that supposed to mean? "but you were presence, right?" the teacher asked again. of course i said "yes, i was". i even came before the class start, for God's sake. "well, maybe you're late??" she asked again. "mmm no, definitely not", i answered. the other students support me by saying "the teacher was in bad mood, miss" "she was mumbling all the time" "pms, perhaps??" then my math teacher said "no, she wasn't in bad mood. she's pregnant. okay i'll check you all guys, relax."

so yeah, thank god i have a really kind math teacher who were willing to check my presence list. i really grateful about that. i can't even think about what my chemistry teacher had done to us. that was so mean, today. why did she do that?? gosh!! i'm still having bad feeling because of what she had done to me. it was her mistake missing my name. but it was also my mistake letting time ran until i finally correct my presence list. yeah but still i can't forget this accident. i mean i kinda see the thing in condition that i'm innocence. i know that's wrong, but i'm still mad about that. i don't really wanna change things now.