Aku sedang... yaaah... berduka... karena... well... baju2ku kelunturan. I mean most of my white clothes which are considerable as my favorite. Ah fak deh ya. But I wasn't really surprised cause I had faced this before. Pretty long time ago. But still, this is sucks.

I thought I've chosen the right clothes to be washed in the same pail. A white shirt (which was also a victim from the previous washed-out accident), 1 NEW(!!!) white T-shirt, 1 commonly-used white T-shirt, a grey great shirt, an acid washed Lea jeans, a flowery skirt, and two blue blouse. I don't know which one of these two blue blouse is the main suspect. But i was pretty sure that they're not harmful. But in fact, I was wrong. Gosh. All of the whites became the victim. Hah. Including my acid washed jeans! Aaaargh! Can't you see how mourn I am?? Haah.