Rumour said that you watch ftv lately. Is it true?
Haah, hate to say, but the answer would be yes.

Why is that?
I don't know. This happens after I broke up with you-know-who. Not as in Lord Voldemort, but yeah, you know who.

Kinda distraction, huh?
Eeeh, what a freak distraction. But I prefer to have other distractive thing if I could. If I could. Unfortunately there's no cable tv or internet connection in my house.

So what makes you watch this?
The actors.

That's it?
Yea, what do you expect from the story, anyway?

So who are the actors?
I'll tell you randomly, okay. Donny Alamsyah, Yogi Finanda, Vino Bastian, Rio Dewanto, Vicky Nitinegoro, Rifky Balweel (did I spell it right? Not pretty sure about it) and umm "Pak Alo", Dwi Sasono (?). I think that's all.

What about the actresses?
I got nothing to say.

How often do you watch ftv?
Pretty often than days before. Yea cause right now my time's not only to be spent at school all day. So I can have more time to watch stuff. Like total pathethic.