Icrut's Bithday Party 231010

last saturday I went to Icrut's 17th birthday party. actually, it was 201010, but she celebrate it on saturday 231010 at Caramel Pondok Jati. bintang went to my home after school, and ristin went to dea's. then dea and ristin came to my home at about 3pm. we'd go to the party together from my home.

opang didn't come to the party cause he had basketball rehearsal, so i oughtta drive my motorcycle with bintang hitchhiking me. i wasn't so confident driving the motorcycle cause i'm not such a good driver. i even can't park it right. maybe that's just because i ride motorcycle rarely, but still it's bugging me. fortunately dea would help me with this stupid problem.

then we met Icrut on location. she was beautiful wearing those midi-white-flowery-dress. then we took some picture with bintang, as usual, being the photogapher. then we sat and had chat as we waiting the other guests to come. anyway, icrut asked bintang to documented her birthday party. then ali come with his cute shoes. actually, the model was as same as my newest shoes model, yeah still i like it.

when all the guests had come, the party started. I quite enjoyed the party. however, i wish opang was there too.

then bintang asked me to take her pict using my phone. but cause of the blurs, she asked me to take her pict using the camera. initially, i didn't wanna use the camera cause i couldn't. But then bintang taught me the basic things to use the camera. it wasn't so difficult to use it. and i think i started to get addicted with this kind of camera. hmmm, i'm wondering if my daddy or mommy willing to buy me one. hehehe.

then we had, umm how do we call it? pre dinner food? but i & bintang didn't take any food. beside there was no seat for us, i also didnt have taste to take any meal. i was feeling full, y'know. i mean, it doesnt have anything to do with diet stuffs.

then at about 6pm the party was over. bintang went to Incho's house first before she went home with Bonkul. and ristin had been picked up. after dea helped me to took my motorcycle, i drop nurul at plasa first before i went home. and thank God, I survived driving without my parents surveillance.