MNA's BirthDay

oh God, it's been so long since my last post, I guess. yeah, I'm such a lazy blogger. plus I got so many tasks-homeworks-tests to do lately. frankly, there was so many words I wanna tell, but since I dont do update from my phone, in order to save my money, my update become soooooo seldom. sorry for that.

a'ight, now i'd tell you about Muhammad Naufal Abdillah's 17th birthday on 191010. well, like I said, I gave him a shirt. a white shirt. I didnt know what color is his favorite, so I choose white because I love mostly white cloths. Actually I was gonna give him my love Walrus instead of the white shirt. My mommy bought it for me. But somehow, I wasn’t willing to do that. I love it sooo much. Its gembel look made me love it. Hahaha.

I wrote him "congratulation" things on a piece of paper. it's been my habit to write someone "congratulation" things to put in the presents. my mommy told me that. well, you can read my paper at Muhammad Naufal Abdillah's blog, if you want.

one thing I regret on his birthday was I wasn't the first one who said Happy Birthday to him. huh. i'm so sorry man.