sebenernya hal ini udah agak lama kejadian sih. waktu King engga masuk sekolah karena nungguin neneknya yang lagi sakit di rumah sakit. trus hari itu ada guruku yang tanya2 siapa yang nggak masuk & alasannya. begitu dia tau kalo king nggak masuk karena nuggu neneknya, dia langsung komen panjang lebar (kurang lebih gini):

"lhoo yang harusnya jagain neneknya itu ya anak2nya toh. ngapain cucunya disuruh jagain? neneknya punya anak toh? ya harusnya mereka yang jagain."

eww ya ampun buk, buk. if i were the grandma, i really really wanna see all of my familly and my friends when my time comes. well, my time to death, i mean. i think i'm gonna be very egoistic at that time. asking for all of them to come so i can see them for the last time. when you're burried, you're not gonna be accompanied with anyone you know, right? i mean accompanied in the grave. you're gonna be so alone in there.

if i were King, of course, it's unquestionable anymore, that i'm gonna accompany my grandma at her final time. i'd rather miss a day of school than loosing the last chance seeing her breathing. i wanna be there for my grandma or for anyone else that i love when they pass away. maybe it'll be very hard at that time for us, seeing our beloved one dies. but hey, at least that's better than i miss that last chance. well i dont know. that's just my oppinion. not really sure either when it really happen. i dont know what's gonna be better for me in future between seeing for the last time or missing the chance. but that's my oppinion this time.