my flashdisk is finally not missing in action anymore. i've found it. in washing machine. yeah, great. after printing my indonesian language task, i had put it in my uniform pocket. then when i was home, when i was about to wash my uniform, i didn't realize that my flashdisk was in my pocket. you know, i was actually sure that i've put all of my pocket content out. i didn't feel touching my flashdisk in my pocket at all. but hey, in the next day i found out that my flashdisk lies powerless on the corner of the washing machine.

but fortunately, my flashdisk is still working!! i've tried it. hahahaha. thank God.

uh okay, so now i'm about to tell you a not really important thing. few days ago, febi asked my mom to buy a kinda face moisturizer or whatever was that. and my mom said yes. yeah, just like that. no arguments. then i was like, what?!? i mean, i've been asking, well not really the same thing, but a kind of, since years ago. i had to asked and crawled at the same time, til i rolled up and down, but no result. she didn't want to buy me. she'd rather gave me her face cream and moisturizer. hehehe. so yeah, i bought it myself.