well well, today i got acceleration class for my temporary class. thank god my class got this one. this class has it's own tv and dvd player plus the dvd collection. not much, though. but still it'd be a good entertainment for us. hehehe.

early before the school began, my friends had been turned on the tv and watch spongebob squarepants. after we back from tennis field to had sports assessment, my friends decided to watch the dvd, it was jap freaky horror. my friend said it was the scariest horror movie. but the fact is not, well at least i wasn't scared at all when watching it. the movie was stupid, i think. not clear at all. the acting was poor. and the movie has no point to show. definitely, i waste my time by watching it. hehehe. perhaps i should have joined the boys to watch One Piece with them from laptop.

then when math time, Mr Shodiq (hope that's the corect spelling) in to my temporary class and shocked us by the papers on his hand. we thought they're test papers. fortunately they're not. we just had to do a task and then collect it to him. and the math test was being cancelled until tuesday. damn. if only i knew earlier that the test was cancelled, i could go to Ubaya with Opang. i could watch him play basketball. huh. i never really watch him in the team. the match was my school against SMAN 9 surabaya. and fortunately my school was lost.

after the school was over we watched other movie. it was My Sister's Keeper if i wasn't mistaken. there were Cameron Diaz and bald headed Abigail Breslin.

oh my god. she's bald. really?? the movie was pretty good. but unfortunately i didn't watch it till the end. some of my friend forced me and other girls to attend BTQ. and i left the movie for BTQ. i hope i had other benefit by attending the BTQ instead of continue watching the movie. amien..

when i was back to my temporary class, the movie was over. and then my friend played Dead Bell (hope that's the corect spelling), a korean horror movie. i didn't like it a all. too much sadisme. though Saw is more sadistic than this, but still i hate it. we didn't watch this one till the end cause some of my friend said, Mr Cip was going to passing through in front of my class. so my friend turned off the dvd player at that time.

oh, i found 4 new kittens!! well, not really like that, actually. early in the morning when i was going to the tennis field, i saw Aldo was holding 2 kittens. and they're soooooooo cute! unfortunately, no more tempura at school canteen. i don't know what to give to them if i wanna feed them. perhaps next time i'm gonna buy them one or two meatballs. hope they'll like it. :)