market shirt

okay, last saturday i and my mom went to royal plaza. everything went well before this shit happened.

I SAW A WAITRESS WEARING THE SAME SHIRT AS MINE. that wouldn't be any problem if i did not wear it either. but the thing is, I DID.


but i still love my shirt, though. hehehe. :P

well this shit happened when i was looking for lunch at royal food court. i was planning to buy a SOP BUNTUT. then right after i and my mom sit on chairs, i saw her, man. wearing the same shirt as mine. one of my favorite shirt. i shocked. hah. perhaps people would see us as twin. oh god.

and then i went to the kiosk which sold sop buntut. then i found that "my twin" works at this kiosk. the cashiers were laughing to me and i know they're gossiping me though i had not left them yet. stupid. you guys should learn more about the right attitude of gossiping. try to not let your gossip object know that you're gossiping it. well, in this case, me. huh. so far, this is the worse experience of wearing this shirt.