oh my gosh!!

this 6.30 am i went to smamda sidoarjo to met my friends in order to work on our mulok task (the task is about to do some kinda obsevation in Lapindo, Porong). by motorcycle. i mean, i was driving the motor myself. MYSELF.

at first i imagined that i'd be dropped by my mom in front of smamda and then i would hitchiking to icha. but when i told my mom 'bout this observation plan, i thought my imagination would be real. but then i was wrong. she told me that i could go to Lapindo, Porong, by myself. she said that she was unwilling to drive me to smamda. okay. that sounded pretty crazy for me. i mean, according to the previous case, she never let me -or even if she let me, there must be a reluctant / hesitate sound in her voice- to drive the motorcycle to the highway. she said "too many police", "i don't want if you get caught (by the police)", "you should just wait for few months to have your driving licence", blahblahblah. but if i answer "okay, i'll wait. but if i already have my driving licence, i'll go to TP by myself", she would answer "no, no, no, you're still not skilled enough to go that far, dear". haaaah.

well the point is she let me to drive motorcycle to the unknown zone, Lapindo, by myself. i call that "unknown zone" cause i never really went through that place. i mean, when i went to malang or bali, i pass that place. but i never really pay attention to that place. you get it?

when we arrived at Lapindo, i was a lil (no, no, i think the more suitable term is) a great bit nervous to drive my motorcycle to the top of embankment. that was preatty high up there, if you wanna know. thank god everything went well. haaaah.

ummm the sun was conscious enough to warm us up there. after a short shot of video recording, which was made my face facing the sun, i was voluntarily replacing Icha to hold the camera. the video shooter position was profitting me. because my face would not face the sun. hehehe. you feel me? i don't wanna be brownish. i know people love tan skin. but i don't. definitely don't. no matter what.

then after we finished from Lapindo, taking video, recording the story, taking pictures, we went back to sidoarjo. king and friends wanna eat something. and few minutes later, all of us arrived at a soto stall near my house. i was just ordering an ice tea cause early in the morning, i've already had a plate of noodle. then a good luck came. friends of King's mom went in the soto stall and insisted to pay all what we had eaten and drunk. well, that's a good luck for me, at least.

after they're full, we're going to my home. watching tv, leaning on sofa, taking a rest, blahblahblahblah.

after we went to giant to had lunch at HokBen, we went home. and yeh that's my experience in driving motorcycle. perhaps to you there's nothing special from this, but to me, that was crazy.