usb port

my mom bought a new tv few days ago. the tv has usb port feature. yesterday i tried to connecting my phone to the tv (as we all know, when we connect the phone to notebook or tv or something else, the messages or calls can't be received). then i played some mp3s and sing along with it. after i finished doing it, i unplugged my phone. and then message from opang came.

opang: did you charging (charging my phone, red)?
me: nope. i connected my phone to the tv. new toy. hehehehe.
opang: ladala what did you do to it, bebh? what if it's broken?
me: won't be broken, hopefully. the tv has usb port. haha.
opang: well don't do anything weird, bebh, though it has usb port.

imagine if you have a new notebook with usb port on it. then your friend say "don't use the usb port. it can be broken." haaah, this is the same thing like my case. silly but funny.

then why would they put a usb port on the back side of my tv?? what's the point of this usb port feature?? just for decorating the tv?? no, no, no. the usb port is to connect our stuffs which have usb connection with the tv, right? well at least, that's what i got.

hah, this shit makes me laugh. and also annoys me. hehehe.