liking someone

"liking someone is not a mistake."
and i've said this to few people. this makes me feel like i'm a kind of a pro in love or stuff. nyahaha.

i said that to people who questioned whether it's right or wrong to be liking someone.
i said that to people who felt guilty of liking someone.

i believe everyone has the right of liking someone. so, liking someone can never be wrong.

i like someone too, just like everyone else. i even like a non available person. which is a bit hurt when i realize it. but, no, of course i'm not going to take him from her. though mas hakim said, "kalo aku jadi kamu, sih, aku tabrak aja", no, i won't. that's not me. i'm not gonna hurt her. nyahahah.

so, does this mean that i'm wrong for liking this non available person? i don't know your opinion, but i never thought that i'm wrong. not even in a second. this is my right to be liking everyone i want (or don't want). though it hurts a bit. nyah, i bet now you think that i'm such a masochistic bitch.

anyway, what i'm trying to say here is that it is okay to be liking someone, though that person doesn't have the same feeling for you. but, don't just stand there enjoying the love (or hurt) that you get. let the love builds you to be a better you, the best you. until the time comes for you to get the love that you, the better you, the best you, deserve.

that's all i can say.


  • sorry for the grammar.
  • now i'm feeling really really awkward for writing this.
  • and for what it's worth, i hope it's over. it's tiring. you are tiring (yeah, now i'm talking to you, dear non available person). and i gotta get to move on. we all gotta get to move on. yeah!!!
  • just wish me luck, please, guys. nyahahah.